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31822 Glitter Leaves Decorative Frosted Window Film

Product Review (submitted on 10 April 2014):
I just moved into a new house where the living room window is very "looked into" from the street.
I didn't want voiles or (God forbid) nets - and I wanted to be able to see out, and not loose the light.
I put a strip of this across the window - leaving a 15cm gap at top and bottom (for peering out)
It's SO much more private now!

It looks OK from the front outside, not amazing, but compared to my neighbor's blinds, or nets it actually looks the best on the street. When the lights are on inside the house at night it looks awesome

Was not easy to stick up - needed to engage brain more than usual, and measure carefully!
I ordered one sheet to try - then when I liked it and wanted to do the rest of window I found it very difficult to match pattern. Only coz it's so sticky and quite un-forgiving! The second 2 pieces I ordered to finish, the seller had cut so they matched up perfectly (very kind) so if you're doing a large space defo worth an email to ask if they could do this again - matching second piece to third was a doddle!

My own personal method of sticking up:
1. cut to the right size FIRST
2. peel back and cut off with scissors a 3ish cm wide strip from one edge
3. hold the transfer in place where you want it, flat to the window, except the now sticky strip with no backing paper on
4. When you're happy with position, still holding the transfer in place, stick down the sticky strip. This should (to a point) hold the transfer in place, where you want it
5. holding the remaining transfer not yet stuck in one hand, hold it at a 90o angle to the window - i.e. straight sticking out into room
6. Get hold of the plastic backing, and start to remove, keeping the non-stuck transfer straight out at 90o's and flattening as you remove SLOWLY with something flat (due to not really thinking this through and not being able to move from spot, I used a DVD case as it was within reach - this worked well)
7. Move along the transfer, keeping all your movements as right-angley as possible. Smooth as you remove the backing
8. you will have air bubbles. this is just a fact of the product - try to accept them. Big ones that won't quit - jab a small hole with a Stanley knife and smooth all the air out through the hole.

I hope that helps someone. A second helper would make your life easier!