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Planets in the Space Nursery Wall Stickers

Product Review (submitted on 16 October 2017):
These stickers are fantastic.
The come in a lovely packaging and are very good size (sizes can be seen in picture).
We used these to decorate a wardrobe in son's bedroom. It has been wonderfully transformed from boring white to a more exciting space adventure!
The only qualm I have is that due to packaging you end up with a fold line. It doesn't effect the stickers (they nicely flatten on to surface), but makes the removal a little bit tricky by little hands if the sticker continues to 'fold' that way when taken off backing.
There are so many stars that you may end up wondering where to put them all!
I also like the fact that the planets have their names included but on a separate sticker. So you can either place, for example Venus on wall and stick the name somewhere next to it or leave it out altogether. For older children who know the names etc the option is there not to include that, but brilliant for younger children who are still learning the planets. Or you could stick the names somewhere else in order (or any order!)
So very pleased with this purchase.