When you’re decorating your home a beautiful decorative functional Window Film can be often overlooked to create a Wow Factor that shows off your personality and could also regulate rom temperature, light and mood.

Let’s face it; interior design is tricky for us amateurs! But with a little help from us here at Decowall we specialise in great wall decals and decorative window films that can transform any room without too much fuss!

You may not have ever thought about using a window film to enhance your home but the effect that it can create can be outstanding! If you don’t believe us, take a look at what a couple of our customers say:

“This is a very nice looking product, especially when sunlight shines through and highlights the colours. It is definitely opaque; you certainly can’t see out of the window when it’s applied, but nor can anyone see in (even at night if the room is lit). It is very easy to cut and fairly easy to apply, and the roll gives pretty generous coverage.”

“What an amazing product. This window film did the job perfectly. It was easy to cut with scissors and is very good quality. It easily adhered to the window, but not so much that you couldn’t reposition it time and again…I love it and will do the same in our dining room with the leaves or sunflowers window film. I would buy this again and would certainly recommend it.”

You might think that we’ve just gone through a list of reviews and picked out the best of the batch but the truth is that we simply haven’t got enough space here to show you all of the incredible things that our previous customers have to say about our products.

Please visit our testimonials page to see for yourself what our customers are saying about our window films, self-adhesive wallpaper and wall stickers!

If you’re looking for something new and fresh to make your home come alive and show off your personality and style, our products are perfect; feel free to browse our site and find something that’s right for you.