Sometimes you need to keep your windows closed to maintain a sense of privacy but it also shuts out the natural light and limits your vision to the doors or the curtains. Window films from bring you both privacy as well as classy interiors while letting the natural light fill your interiors. Window films not only enhance your privacy they also help you keep the hot sun as well as ultraviolet rays out during summer and save you money on air conditioning and lighting. Once you decide to use window films you don't even need to install wooden doors in addition to window glasses. Simply fit the glass and then put window film over it and you're done.

There is lots of fun to be had with window films because it is easier to stick them and remove them at the slightest whim. Window glasses, once cleaned, are perfect places to stick window films and other stickers. You can create patterns or different "glassy" effects using our window films. You can decide the opacity and transparency of your window films according to your preference and climate. has window films for all sizes of windows and sliding doors. Even if the right size is not available for your particular window you can easily resize our window films to cover your window glasses. Our realistic-looking window films can totally transform the view from your window. Don't have greenery outside? No problem, have a window film with lots of plants and leaves and you will feel that your window opens to a lush garden. Want to have the rainy season outside? You can have a window film with raindrops pattern. Want to live near a lake? Well, you get the point.

Since it is very easy to change your window films you can quickly change them according to your mood and season. You can have dark or light window films for different seasons. For instance during winter you would like to have lots of outside light and whatever Sun your area gets while keeping the icy winds out; have a completely transparent window film with beautiful patterns. Similarly during summer you can have an almost-opaque window film to keep the sun and the UV rays (our window films can filter out 95% of UV rays) out and still have enough natural light around you.

Wall films from are completely washable and removable. You can easily peel them off without leaving the adhesive residue and you can also scrub them clean with water as well as light detergent. Since our window films are unaffected by moisture and steam you can easily use them on your kitchen and bathroom windows and sliding doors.

Make your interiors look exotic by choosing DecoWall window films for your home. You will fall in love with your interiors. Contact us today for more details.

August 18 2011