So you have spent hours browsing online, umming and ahhing over which sticker is right for you - it can be difficult making such an important decision. After what seems like forever, (but in reality is only 1 -2 working days) finally the knock at the door comes and your brand new Decowall wall sticker is here, but now what?

Having a blank and clean canvas to put your new wall sticker on is an important part of the process, dust and dirt can cause your wall sticker to bubble and not sit evenly, this may lose some of the desired effect. Surface choice can be as big of a deal as the sticker itself. It is strongly recommended that any wall sticker is placed upon paint more than three weeks old; placing a sticker on newer paint carries risks as the paint may not be fully dry just yet. We also recommend that you avoid rough surfaces when choosing placement, a flat smooth surface will have a much better finish.

When a surface has been decided, place your wall stickers firmly from the top to the bottom. A plastic card such as a credit card can help smooth out any bubbles of trapped air.

If you're interested in purchasing a wall sticker for yourself, then click here to see our ever expanding range of wall stickers.

For a downloadable PDF of how to apply your wall stickers then click here to read our handy guide.

June 26 2014