Decorating your home can be an absolute joy and becoming an interior designer at the weekends is great fun; unfortunately, all of that fun comes to an abrupt and unpleasant halt when you have to start the messy job of wallpapering. Here at Decowall we understand how time consuming and messy wallpapering can be but you don’t have to put up with it anymore!

We have a fantastic range of self-adhesive wallpaper that can make wallpapering simple, easy and efficient; not only will you love the ease with which it goes up, you’ll thank yourself when you come to decorate again and you don’t have to spend hour soaking and peeling off your old paper.

Designs To Suit Every Taste

We have an impressive collection of styles and designs in our self-adhesive wallpapers, which means that you’re sure to find a look that you absolutely love. We have wallpapers ranging from simple and delicate floral patterns to bold and quirky city of Venice designs so no matter what your style, we’ve got wallpaper for you.

Wallpapering Has Never Been Easier

Our self-adhesive wallpaper makes decorating a walk in the park; there’s no need to bother with wallpaper paste and then the hassle of hanging it perfectly first time. Our wallpapers are, as you’ve probably already guessed, self-adhesive which means that you can simply peel it off and hang it straight away.

The wallpaper doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind when peeled off so if it doesn’t go right first time, there’s no need to panic; you can simply peel it off and try again. The wallpaper is waterproof, eco-friendly and nontoxic. Wallpapering really has never been easier!

If you’re decorating your home in the New Year then our self-adhesive wallpaper is the perfect choice. Please have a look at our full range of patterns and designs and pick which one’s right for you?

December 17 2012