When you are looking to update a room in your house or an area of your commercial property, there are a number of decorative options available. You may consider simply giving the walls a quick lick of paint, or may even be thinking of calling in the decorators to hang new wallpaper, but what if you are looking for something a little different? Wall stickers are a popular alternative to these conventional and often costly methods, and Decowall are an established retailer of these products which can simply and effectively transform your home or office.

What are the advantages of investing in wall stickers from Decowall instead of conventional wallpaper? We explore the benefits below.


Wallpaper remains a popular choice with homeowners and decorators alike, as it offers the opportunity to transform your walls with a striking design. Wallpaper is however difficult and time-consuming to hang, and will often require an expert hand to create the flawless finish you are looking for. It can also quickly begin to show signs of wear and tear due to it being marked by photo frames or falling victim to the sticky hands of a toddler. This is why many people find themselves looking for an affordable, low-maintenance alternative to wallpaper, and why wall stickers are so popular.

Wall Stickers

Applied in minutes and easy to remove without marking the surface of your wall, it is easy to see why wall stickers are a great alternative to the hassle of hanging wallpaper. Decowall have an extensive range of stickers in a variety of styles ? from child-friendly designs featuring their favourite characters, to contemporary and stylish wall stickers which will enhance any modern home.

Self-adhesive wallpaper is another popular product which gives you all of the benefits of wallpaper alongside the added durability and water-proof properties of a vinyl material.

Wall stickers and self-adhesive wallpapers from Decowall allow you to simply and effectively update any wall with a design of your choice. There is a clear winner in the contest between wallpaper and wall stickers, so why not take a look at our extensive range of products today?

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February 02 2012