If you’re undertaking the spring clean and want to instantly enhance your homes decor, there are many solutions that you could consider. However, one that is guaranteed to be cost effective and simple to apply are the wall stickers we have available here at Decowall. In our extensive collection you will find stickers suitable for any room in your home; whether you’re looking to change your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, we have something for you. Our high quality wall stickers are versatile and can be applied by anybody so if you want a fun activity to engage your children, this is ideal. Read on as our expert team discuss how wall stickers compare to the alternative method of painting your wall.

Wall Stickers

The main plus point to using our wall stickers is that they don’t require any special skills or equipment to apply, just a soft cloth to wipe away any dust from the area. Furthermore, if you decide in a few months or even a years’ time that you want to change the position or location of your wall stickers, this is easily completed. You just need to warm up the sticker and they will smoothly peel away from the wall with no fuss.

Wall Paint

If you want to cover a whole wall with one colour then wall paint may be the ideal solution. However we’ve all been in the situation where we struggle with a brush and end up getting more paint on ourselves than we do on the wall. You will also be aware that paint can be rather potent when drying, so unless you have time to move out of your house whilst it dries, you will find the smell rather unpleasant after a while. We understand how important it is to match the style of your home and the pieces you have in it, so if you’ve just invested in stunning occasional chairs,you can feel confident of finding wall stickers that will match here at Decowall. To see the extensive range we have for yourself, feel free to browse our online collection today.

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February 20 2012