Autumn is fast approaching, the nights are getting cooler and the trees are slowly but surely starting to fade from deep green to those true Autumn colours we know and love. Here at Decowall we want to make the most of the summer whilst we can, by keeping summer tones fresh in your home.

It can difficult to let go of Summer once the cold starts creeping back in, but with Decowall wall sticks and window films you can keep your home bursting with rays of sunshine.  

For the kids, our beach summer sticker set can maintain the holiday feel.

Our graphic red flower stickers can be placed on any flat surface anywhere in the home; we particularly like them on windows, as shown on the picture on our website.

These yellow and orange flower stickers, ooze summer appeal instantly meaning you can keep the summer tones consistent throughout your home. Although they are under the ‘kids bedrooms’ section, we think they can work within any room of the home.

Our growing wall flowers are made from eco-friendly transparent film, and again can be stuck on any flat surface. They can easily be used in the living room, kitchen, playroom or even the bedroom. They bring a splash of light and colour to wherever they are placed.

So there you have it! Don’t let the summer escape you and use Decowall.


August 29 2014