When decorating your home it is easy to overlook the fact that there are many simple cost effective ways to enhance a particular space to make it look amazing or to make it more functional. Getting the balance of more light or trying to cope with too much light is critical in making any room a great space for living.

Window films are easy to overlook when you are planning what to do with a bathroom, kitchen, kids room or living rooms and are looking for something inexpensive that can really make a room beautiful. Window films are stylish and add privacy, and can reduce the negative effects of too much sunlight entering a south facing side of your home.

Our window films start from as little as £5 per square metre for our Sky Trip decorative film for keeping the sunlight levels down in kids rooms and playrooms, right up to £17.95 per sq m for our premium World Famous Landmarks a popular window film used by our creative customers for final touches in giving bathrooms and hallways with large windows a wonderful modern feel.

At Decowall we have the best frost effect window film perfect for privacy and UV control. We have a great range of easy to install adhesive films and also a range of easy on easy off static cling decorative products if you want to be able to remove the film you can with very little fuss.

There are a huge range of geometric designs, gradation effects, natural patterns, oriental styles along with imitation blinds, stained glass effects and high quality privacy solar control window films that you can browse at our store and request a few samples from us.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to add the WOW Factor to your home with Decowall window films.

May 30 2014