Our “Under The Sea” collections are incredibly popular this time of year and are perfect for kids who loved their recent getaway to the seaside, or who have fond memories of the time they went on a school trip to the aquarium and now have a curiosity for the deep blue sea and its amazing inhabitants.

Our main “Under The Sea” kids wall sticker set has over 90 individual stickers, it’s made with transparent film and includes a blue whale, many amazing fish, jellyfish, crustaceans, shellfish, seaweed, corals, blue bubbles. And each creature, or group of creatures, are accompanied by their names in a beautiful easy to read font.

The giant blue whale, octopus and turtles are full of colour and are our largest stickers in this set and are sure to wow the kids while they are brushing their teeth or are having bath time. Once you open the box containing our stickers within minutes you can completely transform your bathroom or aquatic themed bedroom with Decowall’s amazing ocean art. Build a unique scenery however you choose around these main characters. If you want to help your kids learn the names to boost their vocabulary then you can put the names of the Under The Sea creatures next to them, and perhaps remove them once they have learned the names to test their little minds!

The Under The Sea collection will make bath time fun by decorating windows, tiles, bath tubs, mirrors, ceilings or doors with our fun stylish pastel stickers that entertain as well as educate. Decowall’s sea themed stickers could even go on your fish tank as well as a pirate themed room, wherever you can think of for your home!

Remember, our stickers are made of the highest quality materials and are the finest quality designs and have been featured on DIY TV shows, so like many of our satisfied customers you can be sure that Decowall products are safe and easy to use, and once your done you can simply peel them off!

To order our Under The Sea stickers for your home, or as a great gift for friends and family, visit http://www.decowall.co.uk%20

Also we have penguins, gold fish, dolphins and submarine stickers that you can also use or even combine them together to make something even bigger and more artistic without the need for painting and applying time consuming wallpaper!

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