With the vast range of brilliant wall sticker designs and colours available here at Decowall, there’s an option for everyone, no matter what type of room you plan on vibrantly festooning, or how your room is currently decorated or even how stylistic the furniture is. We have a host of wall stickers that will supplement and invigorate your space in an affordable, easy to apply manner, without the awkward application of paint, or the complex procedure that is wallpapering. But just how do you come to a decision on the colour?

The colour and decorative scheme of a room can alter its general mood and aura inherently, and as such it’s good to think long and hard about what exactly the room means to you before deciding on a colour or approach. It’s also good to decide on a focal point, as aligning the colour scheme to, say, a picture, or a certain shade on your furniture Reading can help bring a once-mismatched room together.

Colour wheels are also helpful tools as they denote which colours work well together, and from this you can come to a comfortable decision on what wall stickers to go with, to perfectly accentuate the stylistic nuances of your living space. Look out for prominent colours already present in your room, such as lampshades or cushions that you can work with to give a well-designed and pleasant looking overall feel.

Whilst our borders and self-adhesive wallpaper all provide beautiful solid finishes, we also have a large range of beautifully designed wall decals that can turn an ordinary room into something eye-catching, innovative and focally unique. Many of the tree and flower wall stickers can look lavish in amongst lighter colours, so take any plans for the addition of these decals into consideration when rooting out that perfect colour.

With a range of attractive and aesthetically brilliant ‘effects’, from brick to bamboo and glossy metal powder to wood grain, there’s a striking pattern in our collection that can offset or emphasise your deco dexterity and help you decide which colour wall sticker you need to finish the job.

With all this choice and more available, point your browser to Decowall today, and add a touch of easy to apply, inventive style to your room.

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June 21 2012