We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to decoration but there is one thing that we all look for; we want something that’s easy to use to decorate our homes. Unfortunately, it’s often far from easy to create an original look that suits your tastes to the tee but here at Decowall we have the perfect solution: window film.

Window film is exceptionally easy to use and makes the perfect finishing touch to any room; not many people have ever used a film before but it’s hard to see why! At Decowall we’re the experts so we’ve put together a quick guide to give you everything you need to know about our wonderful window film:

How to Apply Window Film

• Spray the window with soapy water before applying the window film to remove any dirt or substances
• Peel the protective cover from the film and stick onto the glass
• Use a brush to push out any air bubble that have formed

Window Film Removal

Window film is easy to apply and even easier to remove. All of our films come with an environmentally friendly adhesive which does not leave any black residue when removed. If you want to move your window film when re-decorating, you can simply remove the film and apply it elsewhere.

What’s Available?

Here at Decowall we have an unbelievable range of window films available to suit every taste and every window in any room. Here are just a few suggestions:

• If you’re look for a film to create privacy in your bathroom, you might like our ‘Water World’ frosted effect film.
• To create a natural, fresh look our ‘Green Leaves’ patterned film is perfect.
• A stylish new study only needs our ‘City Deco Black’ frosted film to for an exciting finishing touch.

There really is something for everyone when it comes to window films and when they’re so easy to use, there’s nothing stopping you! Why not browse our great range of window films to get some ideas for your home?

November 27 2012