Wall stickers are permanent in the sense that when you take them out you might end up leaving marks on your walls and tearing/smudging the wall sticker. So you need a well laid out plan before you can begin putting stickers on the walls. If it is possible, you should take out all the furniture in front of the walls you want to decorate and clean them as much as possible. There should be no dust on the walls. In case you can manage, you should try to repaint the walls and let them completely dry before you go ahead with sticking stickers onto them.

Once you are sure that the walls are completely ready for the stickers you can purchase the set of stickers from your favourite vendor, for example, DecoWall. You can choose individual stickers to create your own unique theme or you can purchase a predesigned set that you can later on assemble on the kids' walls. Whatever choice you have, there is a wide range of wall stickers to choose from at DecoWall.co.uk.

After purchasing the wall stickers set you can create a plan on paper or draw the needed pattern with a light pencil (it can be easily rubbed off) on the wall itself. Once you are satisfied with the layout start taking the stickers over the pattern you have drawn. Going back to the garden example, you can stick flowers, branches, leaves, and stems to create trees, large plants and shrubs.

Similarly, if you want to create an urban scene you can lay down the road and put various vehicles, buildings, trees, people and lamp posts at different places.

Wall stickers are going to remain on your kids' walls for a long time unless you're ready to do some cleaning up and refurbishing multiple times. So have a plan ready for your kids’ bedroom if you want to put theme-based wall stickers on their walls.

August 15 2011