Our fabulous Decowall design team have produced another collection just in time for Christmas for you to surprise your kids with a cool artistic centrepiece in their room, or if you want to send a stunning gift to a sticker enthusiast niece or nephew, even for a new baby on the way. 

5 Little Monkeys is a great colourful large sticker that will make any nursery or play area the best!

Monkeys & Animals Height Chart This sticker can be combined with the 5 little monkeys (or any other set you choose!) to let the kids monitor their quick rise to the top of the charts…

Car Village This update of our hugely popular and very cool boys Transport and Roads stickers, our design team give you a new look with stylish twists and turns on the roads for our Decowall automobiles to drive around a village scene.

New Transport Collection More excellent transport stickers to teach kids extra words as they look at them all around their room and then go to school and pass their vocabulary tests!

Little Princess Height Chart Perfect for every little princess…

See all of our new range here at http://www.decowall.co.uk/index.php/wall-stickers/highlights-64/latest-collection.html?p=1


October 13 2014