You first need to decide what sort of environment you want in your room. Is it your bedroom, study room, children's room a guest room? If it is your bedroom then you would probably want something soothing or enchanting. Please keep in mind that once you have had the wall stickers on your walls it will be slightly difficult to remove them or change them because they don't come off easily (although you can use a needle or some sharp object to peel them off).

You will also need to consider the overall colour of your walls so that the wall stickers can stand out and really convey the aesthetic message you want to deliver or consume.

Once you have made the list of shapes and sizes you are going to require you can simply log onto our website, go through the online catalogue and order your wall stickers. If you cannot make out what wall stickers will fit into your plan you can contact us. You can also contact us for specific designs if you cannot find your designs and figures in our online catalogue.

After you have placed your order you should receive your wall stickers within a few days (it may take anywhere between 4-10 days: depends on the distance). Make sure your walls are completely clean and dusted. If there is lots of dust and grime on your wall the wall stickers won't stay there. Along with the dust they will come off too. Also make sure the colour on your wall is in good condition so that it doesn't peel off, removing the stickers as well.

 Individual wall stickers might not create the impact that you are looking for so you will have to combine multiple wall stickers to create a story or a depiction. Suppose you want to create a pub scene: you will need to create the ambience with different wall stickers strategically placed at various spots. You might have to order an assortment of wall stickers having wineglasses, bottles, tabletop, lampshade and individuals.

How you make your room look impressive with wall stickers depends a lot on your taste and the amount of effort you are ready to put in, but when it comes to the choice of wall stickers, you can get the widest selection at

August 15 2011