South facing rooms at home or work, as you know, quickly become inhospitable places to be in as they get far too hot when the warm weather arrives with all that extra sunlight beaming into the room. And, they can also become uncomfortable places to be in not just because of the unwanted heat but also they become far too bright to live or work in as they suffer from glare for many hours a day, and that can put the furniture situated in the room at risk of damage.

Blinds and curtains are the more expensive traditional solution for bright rooms and conservatories with too much sun coming in, and can certainly help up to a point, but they do not have the ability to effectively reflect the heat that is trying to get in like a POV Window Film can.

These hi-tech window films will also continue to work for you when the seasons change to Autumn and Winter. Your Decowall window film will keep the room not only looking stylish, but will also continue to save you money, and environmental impact, by reducing heating bills as the extra layer of protection that keeps you cooler in the summer now will insulate the heat from the cold outside.

Decowall Fixpix & POV Window Films can therefore work actually help cool and insulate the room therefore saving money on heating bills in cold climates and reduce air conditioning bills for cooling rooms in hotter climates.

Our other ranges of Window Film offer the creative DIY enthusiast a chance to add beautiful decorative touches to windows to transform kids rooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and living rooms with borders, or complete coverings of any window pane that is waiting for attention. Furthermore, a window that has been transformed by window film also becomes shatterproof which is a great help to those with kids and those looking for this added security function.

So what are you waiting for? Get to our Decowall store and find your perfect window film to enhance your south facing room and make it a wonderful place to be in once again.