Have you ever wondered why children’s toys have so many different textures, colours and lights? This is because young children need a high amount of stimulation to learn, grow and develop as they grow. It is well known that children’s brains are like sponges, and this is because they are constantly taking in information, processing it and learning - this means having a wide range of brain simulation is vital to a child’s learning and development.

When children reach the school age, it is important that the learning continues at home. Reading before bed, homework and digital learning are all very popular methods, however here at Decowall we have a few different ideas on how you can educate your child, all from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Personally, we love this ‘The Large World Map’ which encourages your child to learn more at home. This is our biggest and best set to date, and it’s also reduced for a limited time only. This set will give you the chance to teach your child about places, oceans and creatures that make up our world.

Have a little budding scientist on your hands? Well then we have the perfect wall sticker set for you. The set contains the sun, all the eight planets, a rocket, a couple of spaceships and a bunch of sprinkling of stars to create a vibrant effect.

Our education station wall set is more suited for younger children and will familiarise the little ones with letters and numbers. This is a fantastic collection suitable for both genders.

September 15 2014