Kitchen Decoration Ideas Using Wall Stickers

A kitchen is the central room in the house for so many of us; we cook there, eat there, catch up after a long day and entertain friends there. Why then, are kitchens so difficult to decorate? The overwhelming presence of your kitchen cupboards, work surfaces and cooker can leave us a little bewildered with exactly what’s left to do in terms of decoration; wallpaper is often an impractical option which means we’re left with paint. Let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do with paint so what can you do to make your kitchen decoration fresh, vibrant and original? If you’re struggling ideas then don’t worry, here at Decowall we’ve got a few great ideas using wall stickers.

Delicate Dandelions for Natural Beauty

If your kitchen sees you making delicious homemade meals from scratch with fresh ingredients on a daily basis then you’ll want your decoration to reflect that. Use a natural, fresh pale green paint on the walls with your cupboards and surfaces and choose one large open wall for a darker, earthier green paint for this one wall to make it stand out.

Take a look at our website to find our beautiful white dandelion wall stickers which will beautifully complement the dark, natural green on your feature wall. The mix of dark and pale greens and delicate white dandelions will be set off by stunning wooden blinds to give your kitchen that extra feel of nature.

Revitalise Your Kitchen with a Splash of Colour

For a more contemporary feel, a pale wall colour with a striking splash of colour will work perfectly. Paint your walls in a light cream or even a white to create a fresh, clean look; pale walls will look particularly appealing if your cupboards and surfaces are fairly dark in colour. Of course simple pale walls will look dull and bland by themselves but with our gorgeous red poppy wall stickers, you kitchen will spring to life.

Why not visit our website to see our impressive range of high quality wall stickers to get some more decoration ideas? The possibilities are endless here at Decowall!

September 6 2012