Your kitchen and bathroom are the places you might be spending lots of time and you would want them to look pleasant. Although most of the kitchens and bathrooms walls are covered with tiles and you can get some really good patterns on them, if you have plain tiles, or if you want to enhance the beauty of your existing patterns, you can apply wall stickers upon them.

In fact it is easier to put wall stickers on kitchen and bathroom walls because normally you don't use conventional paint on these walls. You mostly use tiles or other types of rocks and the paint is absent (it will get spoiled by water and steam) unless you use synthetic paint. Whatever is the case, it is always easier to decorate the walls of your kitchen and bathroom with wall stickers compared to other rooms like bedroom and study room.

Using wall stickers from you can either create intricate patterns or you can create themes and scenes. Something like a consistent floral pattern (black or some different colour) in the middle of each style up to a particular height, or a dining table scene depicting a table, crockery upon it, a lampshade hanging over it and a couple sitting facing each other. You can create silhouettes or actual figures. It depends on your taste, and whatever your taste is, wall stickers from can definitely meet your expectations.

Preparing your bathroom and kitchen walls for wall stickers

It goes without saying that your bathroom and kitchen walls must be as clean as possible before you go on with putting wall stickers upon them. Your kitchen walls are bound to have greese and other layer of cooking-related residue that might prevent wall stickers from sticking firmly. You will need to scrub them totally clean and there should be no grime and moisture deposit on your walls. Bathroom walls on the other hand might be clean as soon as they are dry.

After making sure that your walls are totally cleared of artificial deposits, you can start putting wall stickers on them. Of course before that you will need to order the right wall stickers from As already mentioned above you can get practically every pattern and design you can think of on our website. Even when a particular wall sticker pattern is not available you can combine different patterns to create as complex a pattern as you want. In case you cannot find what you're looking for simply give us a call and we will try our best to cater to your preference. We have more than 20 vibrant colours to choose from.

No need to change your bathroom and kitchen tiles whenever you want some change of scene. Even when you're changing the colour of the wood work you can simply change the wall stickers accordingly instead of changing the tiles. You can also cover the sundry damages and wear and tear marks on the tiles by our wall stickers.

Our secure ordering system enables you to immediately purchase the wall stickers from our website and we accept all major payment options. Got some other questions? Give us a call, or write to us and we will be more than pleased to provide you all the help/information you want.

August 17 2011