Inspirational and Fun Wall Stickers

All of us dream about the perfect home, but few of us have the time and energy to be able to spend countless hours decorating to achieve that stunning design. However with the stunning wall stickers we have on offer here at Decowall you can achieve that gorgeous aesthetic in absolutely no time. We can offer a massive range of fun and vibrant designs that will suit every room in your house, from your kids bedroom to your living room.

Transform a Dull Room into a Unique Space

If the rooms in your house are a little on the plain side you may be considering undertaking some major renovation, investing hundreds of pounds in different paint products to create a dynamic design that will get people talking. However why would you want to spend all that money when you can transform your space with our beautiful and creative wall stickers? Starting at less than ten pounds, our stickers can be used to create almost any aesthetic, from fairytale and fantasy to faux-wood and brick effects.

Perfect for Children

When you're a child your bedroom is full of adventure, where you play and learn. With our fantastical wall stickers for kids you will be able to give your child's imagination a rest, offering colourful and exciting imagery that will help them enjoy their room.

From butterflies and aeroplanes to fairytale castles and wildlife, we have a wall sticker to suit every child.

Easy to Use

Our wall stickers are incredibly straight forward to use, even for the most DIY-phobic of households. You simply peel, place and stick, while as they are waterproof you can simply wipe clean if they ever get dirty. You will also be able to move them easily and as they don't leave any sticky residue, or damage the wall, you won't have to worry about putting them up in rented properties.

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August 9 2012