Decowall brings you many amazing high quality wall stickers to enrich your living space, here we will take a closer look at a delightful vivid wall decal featuring beautiful Cherry Blossoms & cute Majiro Birds.

Cherry blossoms historically symbolise the transience of life, power, love & femininity.

The Oriental White Eye birds which accompany the Cherry Tree branches in this set are also considered the “Herald of Spring” so naturally reinforces the Cherry Blossom symbolism in this fantastic wall sticker set.

The blooming of the Cherry Tree is celebrated annually worldwide as it is one of the most beautiful natural events and definitely a great choice for your wall giving you the magic of Springtime all year round.

Decowall wall stickers use the best and safest materials so that you can be sure that you are buying quality and at a great price too.

To purchase this product for your home or as a gift to a friend you can go to our Cherry Blossoms and Birds page click here

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