In the 1980's wallpaper was at the height of its popularity, and was featured in practically every home in Britain, but our love story eventually came to a halt. The reasons for the break up included eventual peeling, discolouring over time and less than stellar patterns - and the public’s heart turned away from wallpaper and embraced the very convenient and minimalist style of paint. Since then, technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and these advancements have been reflected in the wallpaper industry. Quality of ink and overall production of wallpaper have increased and much needed advancements mean wallpaper is well and truly making a comeback, and may even knock paint off top spot once more.

As the wallpaper industry is advancing and growing so is its green counterpart. Many more environmentally responsible options are becoming available to those who have a greener outlook on life. We here over at Decowall are committed to sourcing ethically and environmentally friendly creations, to ensure the on-going wellbeing of the planet and its resources. Stylish, sophisticated and sustainable is the way forward, and do we have a range for you. Click here to view our our eco-friendly range.

We recommend that when it's time to change your wallpaper, you do so in an eco-friendly low chemical fashion, by removing the paper with steam rather than using chemicals. If you're having a bit of trouble, there are many biodegradable wall paper products out there to give you a little extra help.