If you have a home with lots of windows, it can be difficult to strike a balance between lighting and privacy, especially during the warmer months. Fear not though! We have the perfect solution for every home out there.

If you have long windows anywhere in your home, and you need a little extra privacy, then the best action to take would be to install one of our white blinds window effect.

As well as being pretty to look at, all of our window films products are strong against scratches, ensuring a long lasting life span. For extra safety protection, in case of an emergency our window films will help minimise damage to the glass and prevent any further accidents. It also adds a private touch to a room, making sure you feel safe and sound.

If you have larger windows but you are more decoration focused rather than privacy focused, our leaves by POV film is perfect at adding a dash of colour and decoration to an otherwise dull room.

Again, this window film ensures safety protection and comes with a special anti scratch coat, so your window films looks perfect for ages!

Personally, we love both of these products. If you are interested in these products, but you aren’t sure if these are right for you - then head over to the Decowall site. We have tons of similar window films in all different shapes and styles.

Already have one of these products and love it? Tell us in the comments below!

July 22 2014