Becoming a parent is possibly one of the most exciting times in the whole of any person’s life time. The pitter patter of tiny feet is something future parents look forward to with great anticipation (and probably dread a couple of years later!) One of the most calming times for new parents can be decorating the baby’s bedroom, decorating for the baby’s arrival can promote a sense of well being for both of the parents. For those mothers who are ‘nesting’ so to speak, it can also make the new mother feel prepared for the arrival of a new life. There are so many different ways you can spruce up a room, with colour schemes, cots and toys – the possibilities are endless when it comes to decor. The whole process can make parents feel like they are connecting with their new born baby before they have even arrived in their lives.

Wall stickers can be a great non-permanent way to add that special touch to the nursery. By using wall stickers instead of traditional methods of decorating, in a couple of years when it’s time to redecorate they can easily be removed and replaced with stickers that suit your child’s personality.

When the child starts to age we have a wide range of different themes for both boys and girls. From pirates, to alphabet letters we have everything you could possibly need for the whole stages of your child’s growing up.

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June 10 2014