Children can start to recognise some letters of the alphabet as early as 2 years old and by the time they’re four or five they should be able to understand most of the alphabet.

That means that you can start introducing the whole alphabet to your child in their third to fourth year, and, with Decowall here to help with our great designs they will soon be able to master the English alphabet and maybe go top of their play school class!

Our alphabet collection feature seven great wall stickers that you can see in our gallery above. Our favourite design has to be the Alphabet Tree Giant Wall Sticker, with its big bold letters ready for you to stick them wherever you choose on the tree.

The top pick as a great learning aid has to be the Alphabet and Numbers Easy Learning set as you get little songs to go with the illustrations as well as giving them help with mastering basic numbers.

If you are looking for something more high fashion, with a more mature appearance perhaps to go in the hallway, kitchen, conservatory, our most stylish looking sets to blend in with the rest of the house are the Alphabet, Animals and Polka Dots, we really love the fonts in this one and the Animals in Vehicles is a very cute nursery wall sticker set and great artwork.

And if you just want a great collection of letters to write something personalised on their wall then you must try out our Rainbow Alphabet Stickers with a colourful selection of vowels and consonants along with a few exclamation marks and question marks.

Decowall has a fantastic range of stickers and at great prices at our online store that enhance their rooms walls and get them familiar with their A to Z, remember, you can also decorate their walls with one or more of our range of 200 amazing kids wall stickers saving you time on repainting and fussing about with wallpaper installation. These also make a great gift or will work perfectly in schools, hospitals and nurseries.

As ever, we aim to provide our customers with the best quality wall stickers that are beautiful, safe to use in your kids room, and fantastic fun to install and enjoy, trust Decowall for quality and value.

May 15 2014