How to apply & Tips

Before you start to applying your Decowall products we suggest you take some time to prepare yourself and read these instructions through fully. Although our products are is easy to fit and time saving, they can require a little patience for larger items and films. It’s a good idea to plan where you are going to put your new purchase in advance of peeling the silicon paper off painter tape or scotch tape can let you see your designs up on the wall/ window before you start to stick. Care needs to be taken when fitting or reposition the wall stickers as it is not a reusable item (although some customers say they have been able to remove and reuse).

Wall stickers are sensitive to extremes of temperature so store them in the tube supplied until you are ready to apply them. Do not apply them in humid conditions or if it is very cold sub zero temperatures.

How to apply Wall stickers



Please Note:
Newly painted walls should be completely dry before applying the product. It will need to wait at least 6weeks after painting before you apply our stickers to the freshly painted wall. Drying time depends on the environment, the time of year, the number of layers of paint and the paint brand used.